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Masters in Robotics

Application deadline
30th June
Start date
October 2014, February 2015
Delivery mode
On Campus
Tuition fee
€ 3,000 / Year (Non-EEA)
120 ECTS
Warsaw / Poland
Educational variant:

The duration of the study is 4 semesters (2 academic years) with 120 ECTS. Obligatory courses cover 77 ECTS and 43 ECTS is assigned to elective courses. The semesters are equally loaded with 30 ECTS each.

The program is designed as a high-quality educational offer in the area of advanced and intelligent robotics. After graduation the students will have mastered the diverse areas of robotics (mathematical modeling, control egineering, computer engineering, mechanical design) to an extent to be able to deal with robotics systems as a whole rather than just to focus on one particular area. The future career prospects for graduates are very good as the proposed courses are relevant to today’s advanced technology society and because the current output of universities is insufficient to meet the demand of industry and research programmes. Students may take the master as a professional terminal degree, or join PhD programmes afterwards.

The graduate of the Robotics studies will demonstrate both the knowledge and abilities necessary for creative work in design, construction, programming and analysis of automation and control systems, as well as industrial and service robot systems. He/she will be capable of solving complex, interdisciplinary problems dealing with control and robotics. The graduate will have general and engineering knowledge at the level enabling him/her to conduct research in RTD centres. The graduate can be employed as senior management in mechanical, electrotechnical, chemical and related industrial sectors. He/she will be capable of designing and analysing complex robotics systems with the use of modern advanced design and analytical tools. He/she will be provided with the theoretical background enabling the solution of research problems in the field of control and robotics.

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