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Degree to be obtained
Bachelor of Cosmetology with the possibility of enrolment on supplementary Master Studies.
3 years (6 semester)
The mode of studies
– full-time studies – part-time studies
Language of instruction:

Course Description:
The main aim of Cosmetology studies is to educate competent cosmetologists who have broad theoretical and practical knowledge that enables them to carry out beauty treatments and advise on the right choice of cosmetics on the basis of the pharmacological knowledge.
The graduates of Cosmetology easily find jobs in beauty salons, biological regeneration centers, labs and beauty departments in pharmacies. The skills and knowledge gained during the course of studies will enable them to manage their own beauty salons.
The classes are taught by experienced and highly qualified teaching staff employed in the best academic centers and professional practitioners working in various businesses and providing varied cosmetic services.
Our courses offer not only subjects which are necessary in the future cosmetologist’s profession but we also have unique classes, for example thalassotherapy. The wide range of optional classes allows our students to decide independently what kind of knowledge they want to acquire. There are professionally equipped labs in our university. We stress the importance of practical classes, that is why we have them in our whole curriculum starting in the first semester.
Vocational trainings play an important role in combining the theoretical knowledge and the requirements of the job market. That is why, the University signed contracts with the biggest regional institutions where modern beauty treatments are carried out.
In order to motivate students to set up their own business, the University prepares a wide variety of trainings and cosmetic demonstrations (in make-up, nail styling, massage) run by the best professionals of the renowned cosmetic companies.

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